Welding Inspection: CSWIP 3.1

Course Overview

The Welding Inspector Training program is tailored to meet industry requirements for welding inspection personnel involved in the fabrication, petrochemical, refinery, process plant, power generation, construction and other industries.

Qualification as a welding inspector is an ideal platform to build a career as an inspector in client, contractor, sub-contractor or third party inspection companies.

The Welding Inspector course is designed to equip an inspector with appropriate knowledge to conduct inspections and to identify welding defects and witness and validate welder qualification tests. Students obtain a useful qualification, which allows them to gain employment internationally.


CSWIP 3.1 Rs. 1,33,000/-

Preparatory Training Fee Rs. 25,000/-

Total Duration: 30 Days

Seminar & Exam: 4 Days Seminar & 1 Day Exam (by TWI)



We provide training for welding inspector (CSWIP 3.1) and senior welding inspector (CSWIP 3.2) prior to the examination so that it will be easy for the candidate to clear the examination. Training consists of theory, practical sessions, effective power point and video presentations and discussions on the topics. Mock up examinations are also conducted to assess the knowledge gained and to improve the confidence level. These mock up tests will quickly bring the participant to know his strengths and weaknesses thereby enabling him to be ready for the exam.


“The participants appearing for CSWIP 3.1 welding inspector exam are required to attend a 4 day seminar conducted by TWI in a star hotel where a trainer from TWI will train the participants as per the syllabus of CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector Program.”


After the completion of 4 days training, the participants have to appear for CSWIP 3.1 exam on the 5th day.

  • It consist of 2 theory and 3 practical MCQ paper and the details are mentioned below:
  • General Multiple – 30 questions- 45 Min (theory)
  • Technology 60 – questions- 90 Min (theory)
  • Macroscopic Examination – 20 questions – 45 Min (practical)
  • Plate – 20 questions – 75 Min (practical)
  • Pipe – 20 questions – 105 Min (practical)

Candidates are required to score 70% in each paper to pass CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector Exam.

CSWIP 3.1 Training & Examination Schedule – 2019

CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector Exam


CSWIP is an internationally recognized certification body, which is certifying welding inspectors across the globe.

TWI is the largest training provider for welding technology and inspection related training and examination.

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