British Gas Approval Scheme (BGAS)

About the course and examination

British Gas Approval Scheme (BGAS) is a certification program provided by TWI and is suitable for candidates with minimum 6 months of experience in industrial painting or coating inspection and will also be applicable for those who require knowledge on painting inspection. Most of the paint system used in industry are addressed along with awareness about various coating systems used for anti-corrosion reason.

We provide training for painting/Coating inspector (BGAS Gr 3/2) and senior painting/Coating inspector (BGAS Gr 1) prior to the examination so that it will be easy for the candidate to clear the examination with ease. Training consists of theory, practical sessions, effective power point and video presentations and discussions on the topics. Mock up examinations are also conducted to assess the knowledge gained and to improve the confidence level. These mock up tests will quickly bring the participant to know his strengths and weaknesses in specific topics so that more emphasis can be put on key topics to meet the target.

Prior to the exam the candidates must attend a 4 day seminar conducted by TWI in a star hotel and on the 5th day exam will be conducted.

It consist of 1 theory and 1 practical MCQ paper whose details are mention below: Theory- 100 Multiple choice questions- 1hour 45 min Practical- 100 Multiple-choice questions- 1 hour 45 min 70% is required in each section to pass

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