Mechanical QA/QC

Course Overview

This course broadly covers all the Quality Control and Assurance aspects of Manufacturing, Fabrication, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Mechanical systems.


Course Fee: Rs. 30,000/-

Course Duration: 60 Days

Qualification Required: Preferably Mechanical Engineering/Diploma Graduates


Basics of Mechanical Equipment’s (Design Overview related to Quality)

Rotating Equipments
– Types of Pumps, Compressor, fans etc.
– Applicable design codes and standards
– Drawings, specifications and data sheets review


Static Equipment Design
– Types of Tanks, Heat Exchanger, Condensers, Cooling Towers
– Applicable design codes and standards
– Drawings, specifications and data sheets review


Basics of Piping System Design Overview

– Process Piping, Power Piping, Water Systems, under and above ground Piping, Cross Country Pipelines, Piping Components / Fabrication
– Preparation of Isometrics
– Spooling breakdown and fabrication drawings
– Mitered fittings etc.


Introduction to Quality Control

Defination of QA QC
Roles and responsibilities of QA/QC Inspectors & Engineers
Quality Control Terminologies
Introduction to QAP, ITP, MQP, and FAT etc.
Hierarchy and responsibility matrix of various stake holder in quality management
Preparation of quality management plans.


Inspection of HVAC System

– Inspection of Chillers/ducting system
– Inspection of Ducts
– Inspection of Cooling Towers
– Inspection of Chilled Water Piping
– Inspection of AHU
– Inspection of split Air-Conditioner etc.


Inspection of Mechanical Equipments

– Inspection of Rotating Equipments – Pumps, Compressor, fans etc.
– Inspection Static Equipment – Tanks, Heat Exchanger, Condensers, Cooling Towers.


Inspection of steel structures
– Inspection of Weld Joints and Material Testing
– Visual Inspection/ Dimensional Checks.


Inspection of piping systems
– Inspection of Piping Components
– Inspection of Piping spools
– Inspection of Valves,
– Inspection of Piping erection (both above & under ground piping)
– Hydro-Static Test, Procedure and Witness/ Acceptance Criteria


Introduction to Non-Destructing Testing (NDT)
– Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Radiographic Testing, Ultra-Sonic Testing and Visual Testing


Quality Assurance
– Orientation/ procedure/ documentation/ certification


– Site visit will be conducted for major industries.


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