ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Using energy efficiently helps organizations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently, through the development of an energy management system.


– Reduces costs,
– Reduces the impact of rising costs,
– Meets legislative or self-imposed carbon targets,
– Reduces reliance on fossil fuels, and
– Enhances the entity’s reputation as a socially responsible organization.


Who should attend Trainings on this ISO MSS?
– Members of Management
– Policy/ strategy makers
– Managerial and non-managerial employees
– Electrical management personnel


Who should attend Trainings on this ISO MSS?

10. Training Courses on ISO Management System Standards
The Management Systems Training Courses provides participants with the knowledge and skills related to the understanding, interpretation & implementation of the requirements of the respective ISO Management System Standard [MSS] in the organisation Auditor/ Lead Auditor training courses helps delegates in preparation, planning, conducting, and reporting of audits and assessing the compliance of the respective the Organization’s Management System with the requirements of respective ISO MSS as well as plan, conduct, report and implement follow-up audit activities.

The combination of presentations, discussions, and case-studies (individual and team) are designed to help the delegate develop an understanding and lasting skillset to be used in one’s professional career.


11. Types of Courses and Their Durations
Types of Courses Duration
Awareness Program 1 – day
Foundation Course on Respective Management System [Understanding a standard] 2 days
Implementation Training Program 3 days
Internal Auditor Training Program 2 days
Auditor/ Lead Auditor Training Program [IRCA Accredited] 5 days

– For Fees Details& Information of the next Schedule, please contact our office.
– Prerequisites for Auditor/ Lead Auditor Training Program:
Each attendee must have sufficient knowledge of the respective Management System standard requirements before attending this course.


12. Training Topics
Standard Related:
– Basics of the ISO Management System Standard [ISO-MSS]
– Standards, principles, definitions;
– Understand and interpret the requirements of the ISO-MSS
– Identify legal requirements and Compliance Obligations
– Standard Requirements review and their practical implementation in the organization’s activities;
– Assess the compliance of the system against the requirements of the standard;

Audit Related:
– Accreditation, certification and types of audit;
– Techniques for carrying out an audit;
– Plan, conduct and report an audit;
– Techniques for continual improvement.


13. Training Course Accreditation:
The Auditor/ Lead Auditor Training Programs are accredited by International Registerof Certificated Auditors [IRCA].

IRCA is the leading professional body for management system auditors. IRCA represents over 10,000 registered auditors in 150 countries and every year, around 60,000 delegates attend an IRCA approved training course.

IRCA certified courses are recognized as an industry leader and you can be confident that the course you are attending:
– Covers the key knowledge and skills about management systems auditing
– Will be taught by IRCA approved tutors
– Uses a variety of proven practical student-focused learning techniques
– Has been regularly assessed by an IRCA approved assessor
– Has a limited class size to maximize participation and optimize learning


Internationally recognized [IRCA accredited] certificate for Lead Auditor of the respective ISO Management Systems issued by Intertek upon successful completion of the course.


14. Transition Course
With the release of the new revised versions of ISO standards, it becomes mandatory for certified Organizations to upgrade their management system to the requirements of the new version of the respective standards.


Similarly, to ensure the continued validity of the trainings attended and certification achieved, it becomes essential for the trained auditors to upgrade their certification within the specified time.

Whenever there are such changes taking place, we organize IRCA accredited / Unaccredited ‘Transition Training Courses’ on the said standards.


For your Upgradation Requirements, Please Contact IMECH

15. Conversion Courses for IRCA Accredited Training Courses
In accordance with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) rules, if you have completed a 5-day accredited training course for lead auditors, you can obtain additional qualification as a lead auditor of a different standard by attending a 3-day Conversion training course. For details please contact our office.


16. Management Systems Consultancy
Achieving certification means that an organization has demonstrated the following:
– Follows the guidelines of the referred standard
– Fulfills its own requirements
– Meets customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements
– Maintains required evidences and documentation

Certification to an ISO standard can enhance an organization’s credibility by showing customers that it meets expectations. In some instances, or in some industries, certification is required or legally mandated.

IMECH’s Management Consultancy services assists organizations in implementing the requirements of the standard and then assisting in completing a successful registrar’s audit confirming the organization meets those requirements.

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