Fire fighting & Plumbing design

Fire Fighting Designing and Drafting is a major area where students are given an in depth knowledge in various areas in Fire Alarm system designing, Fire Protection system designing etc. A candidate pursuing the course in this design field would be able to have a very good lucrative career in this area.


Plumbing part usually deals with water distribution and drainage systems, CP & Sanitary fixtures orientation design, wastewater treatment process and fire fighting systems.

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Course Syllabus

Introduction, Classification and dynamics of Fire, Fire Fighting Fundamentals.

Fire and Smoke Management, Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems, Compartmentation and Stairwell Pressurization System

Types of Fire Fighting Systems – Water based, Foam, Gas based, Dry Chemicals, various types of Water basedFPS like Sprinkler System, Hydrant System, Water spray systems like MVWS, HVWS etc

Fire Water Sump Sizing, Overhead Tank Sizing, Sprinklers – Types, Selection, Designing, Pipe sizing

Fire Hose Cabinet and Fire Hydrant Selection, Fire Fighting Hydraulic Calculations, Head Loss and Pump Head Calculations for High Rise Buildings.

Fire Water Pump [Main Pump, Jockey Pump and Diesel Pump] – Classification Types and Selection

FM200 System Designing [Waterless Fire Protection system]: Capacity, Pipe Sizing, Nozzle Selection, FireAlarm System Designing, Smoke Detector (Ionization Type, Optical), Heat Detector, Linear Heat Detection Cable, FlameDetector.

VESDA – Aspirating System, CO2 Flooding, ELITE – Fire Hydraulic Calculation Software.

Preparation of BOQ, BOM, Material submittal, Method statements, Installation procedures, Testing and commissioning procedure.

Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings, RCP’s, As built Drawings, Drawing schedule, Riser schematics,Sprinkler layout, Hydrant Layout, Equipment Schedule, Plant Room layout, Plant Room Section etc.

Course Fee: Rs. 12,500/-

Course Duration: 30 days

Qualification Required: Preferably engineering graduates​